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Wings - Aprilynne Pike The endorsement blurb from Twisuck author S. Meyer should be warning enough that you're in for (the exact opposite of) a treat. Creepily intense stalker love interest? CHECK. Bland writing that evokes no emotion aside from boredom and frustration? CHECK. Obsession with characters' physical appearances? CHECK. The sole point in this book's favor is that there is another love interest who's normal, kind and supportive and the female friend is not dumb/annoying/etc--though she's also BARELY there.

Points are deducted for just about everything else, though, including the fact that the villains' evilness stems from the fact that they're ugly and the faeries' goodness stems from the fact that they're pretty. That's seriously the explanation offered: faeries are good because they're symmetrical and attractive and trolls are inherently wicked because they're deformed.

Of course there's a movie deal for this crap in the works. OF COURSE.